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We provide a cross section of services in a number of fields..

Business Finance

From business expansion to cash flow support and asset purchase.

We are able to arrange (through an intermediary) business funding and finance for a wide range of needs. From business expansion to cash flow support and asset purchase. Even if you have been turned down else where. We have unique and bespoke packages available right now for your business. Call us for further details


G&G Worldwide Limited is an expert Facilities management company and has the ability to save your company money.

G&G Worldwide also invests in other external companies and can assist through these partners in a wide range of sectors. G&G Worldwide understands that not every company has the resource to have their own HR department or their own in house shipping department, that is where we come in, we have dedicated account managers that can assist you with many areas of operation: Drop Shipping HR support Finance Business managment plans And many more services as well. If you are thinking about starting your own company but want some ideas or help on how to do it, give us a call. We are business formation agents and can assist with the formation of limited companies, assist with bank account opening, VAT registration and many other aspects of running your own company. Are you looking to raise money for your company? We at G&G Worldwide, work with our panel or brokers and lenders and can often find finance solutions where others cannot. We do not represent any one lender and cannot give financial advise, you must seek your own independent advice on financial matters, but we can help find solutions where others fail. Debt relief and collection. Within our facilities management business, we work closely with Company Insolvency Practitioners and can help when times get tough, we can recover money through our links with High Court collection agents and can find solutions even when it appears there is no way forward.


Whether its creating a bespoke CMS [ Content Management System] for you or producing your in house corporate video..

G&G has the inhouse expertise to produce 360 ° Media i whatever platform you need.


A G&G Worldwide Limited partner company is in Communications, both here, in Africa, and Europe...

G&G invests in the technology and end user equipment to service the consumer and business user. We have a division that has designed a bespoke CMS (Customer Management System) to more efficiently run your online business. Taking care of customer management and database solutions, through to online sales through your website, we have a solution for you. Our sister company is a fully authorised BT partner, and we can supply both fixed line and mobile solutions for both personal and business use. Further afield we have a retail business supplying consumers with mobile phones and other lifestyle products. We also have a training business supplying companies with customer focused training in industries ranging from Leisure though to the care sector.