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The Future of B2B Lead Generation Is Here

G&G's lead generation process.

G&G’s Growth Model is a six-step process that has reinvented the typical sales pipeline as a scientific methodology. Pipelines can now be leveraged strategically and optimized based upon the strict principles of empirical research and the Scientific Method.

At the centre of G&G ’s proprietary approach is an empirical process. One that demands decisions be   based upon   evidence and   that   results   are gained through the strategic use of experience, observation, testing, and experimentation. Below is the basic structure of the six step Method process:

Our Six step process

Step 1: Live Leads

Step 2: Outreach & Optimization

Step 3: Decision Maker Halo

Step 4: Pipeline Management

Step 5: Closing & Scale

Step 6: Account Retention & Churn

Step 1 : Live Leads

This phase is focused 100% on finding the right customers, who are in the right market, and are most susceptible and ready for your solution:

Need identification algorithm—Defining customers in the market for your solution

Live data scrapes of 10,000 B2B websites based upon your needs algorithm—ranked based upon highest probability of need for your product or service

Daily validation of decision maker contacts by researchers using multiple email and contact validation tools. 

All leads are fed into your CRM daily
Ongoing learning improves need algorithm and data scrapes—daily

Step 2: 
Outreach & Optimisation

Although much of our program leverages newly developing tech, our unmatched results are equally a result of the counter-balanced use of seasoned individual sales reps. This one-two combination of technology and real human interaction blends the art and science that yields uncanny results.Real sales reps create personalized emails, LinkedIn and voicemail outreach 10 new testing methods every month—focused on offer, value, subject lines and “exchange of value” Daily analysis and iterations Email, social and voice connect 1:1 personalized, individual outreach by real sales staff and account reps. CRM analytics define interest ranking to determine the right time for phone call and LinkedIn outreach

Step 3: Decision Maker Halo

Unlike traditional behavioral digital marketing where you “hope” to find people that are a match for your company, G&G ’s method applies database marketing strategy and puts your ads in front of only the decision makers in the Live Leads Database we build for you. G&G’s Method HALO reaches them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and over 1 million high traffic sites in our Method B2B Network, reinforcing your business invitation via email and InMail and creating brand prominence with only those who have the authority to grow your company!

Step 4: 
Pipeline & Relationship Management

Recent studies revealed that a frightening number of CEOs are so accustomed to handling sales on their own that they struggle not only with hiring a clutch sale team, but equally with incorporating a process for building and tracking a sales pipeline. Instead, many leaders have resorted to making optimistic statements with no hard dataAt G&G’s, like everything else, pipeline and relationship success are the result of empirical evidence and constant optimization by a team of experts:• Senior sales reps with 10+ years experience •  Defined response tree for all Tier II customer questions • Data-driven focus on response to meeting • Goal: 50% minimum success from response to proposal • Weekly iterations and improvements to increase response handling to meeting success

Step 5 : Closing & Scale

The pressure of closing more deals, more often is not something that   can wait around for years of relationship building. We must expedite the creation of trust by being able to clearly demonstrate your ability to provide relief to their biggest pain points at an emotional and primal level.  Only evidence-based results from tested demos and proposals can cut down the timeframe usually required to build rapport.• Analysis of competitive, pricing, demos and proposals • Constant insight-driven iterations of your team‘s demos and  proposals • GOAL: 33% close minimum from demo or proposal • You lead the close but we provide the expertise to help create a model that can take you from slow, low-close ratio “relationship” closing, to a high volume, rapid-fire scalable closing model

Step 6: 
Account Retention & Churn

We have had digital agency partners who close a 100 (no, that’s NOT a typo) new accounts in their first year under G&G’s HALO Method. However, if you cannot provide the value, structure and service required you are in a constant churn game.

The G&G HALO Method focuses on templatizing the type of strategic value required to be indispensable and keep client's long term while still scaling:

• Big idea analysis templates 
• SWOT analysis templates
• Competitive analysis templates
• Industry trends templates  
• G&G’s Executive Consulting engagement

Grow Your Business. Fast.

G&G offers the quickest, most-targeted path to market using our Orchestrated Outbound program to deliver qualified sales opportunities directly to your business. We use AI-enabled research, multi-channel outreach, and our proprietary software platform to start sales conversations with your next, best customers.
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