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Company Formation

Company formation is no simple task, and yes you can do it yourself it is the process of legally incorporating a business as a limited company. Sometimes called company incorporation or company registration. GGGlobal is one of the leading company formation specialists in the UK.

Local knowledge is an imperative when setting up a new company or subsidiary and it can be intimidating, especially when moving into a new international market. The complexities, obligatory processes, requirements, and timelines all vary considerably and can threaten your plans if they are not navigated properly.

At GGGlobal we specialise in this.

Setting up a company

Creating a limited Company is the most efficient way to run, own and manage a business aswell as protect your brand. Not only that but it can be the most tax efficient method aswell.

Once your chosen name is verified as available and appropriate all we need is the address you want as your registered office, the director and shareholder information and then we can complete your registration in no time at all.

We can help you with:

  • The full incorporation process of legal entities
  • Sharing knowledge on the most approriate types of structures available
  • Liaising with advisors, notaries, banks, solisitors as and when needed
  • Understanding the rules, regulations, procedures, and timelines
  • Help with guidance on available entity names
  • Obtaining official documents such as certificates of incorporation & articles of association
  • Sourcing relevant professional licenses and tax registrations

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