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As we enter into another year with the cost-of-living looming over us still, many businesses turn to marketing costs to cut first.

Marketing can be expensive, especially if this is something you out-source, but cutting it completely can be detrimental to your business and here’s why:

Not only does suddenly pulling both your in-person and online marketing communications cause an image of panic, but building trust and consideration with your target customers requires consistent messaging.

Going silent creates a void that your competition will be only too happy to step in and fill, while hard-won clients and customers are more likely to go elsewhere.

Here are 4 key reasons why we think marketing is important for any small business:

  • It provides accessibility for your customers, letting them know you exist and giving them a platform online to contact you.
  • It can be an extremely valuable way of showcasing your products, especially using free online social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter and Linked In.
  • It drives new customers to your business at a fast rate. Marketing on a digital platform exposes you to a huge new audience base which you can begin to remarket to. What’s not to love?
  • Marketing teaches you about your customer base – who your target audience is going to be, who responds to your campaigns and what audience you can funnel your efforts towards to drive revenue! This data can help you to drill down on your future strategy.

If you are looking to re-invest in marketing for your business, ask the arketing company about payment plans, normally they are only too willing to help win your business and trust.

Talk to our experienced team about your goals and we can help guide you through the best options for you.

How can GGGlobal assist you ?

If you would like any guidence on how to move your business forward, GGGlobal has the necessary skillset to help you manage your business more efficiently and more profitably. if you would like some assistance, please dont hesitate to contact us.

From business planning to assisting with your organisations growth, we are happy to advise and help where we can. Get in touch to start your no-obligation consultation!

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