Inflation… inflation …inflation

Its on the way up...

Inflation is reducing purchasing powers: The rise of living cost is presenting new challenges for businesses budgets and growth. Read the latest updates to stay ahead of the news curve:

Despite the generally gloomy nature of economic news of late, our team at G&G Worldwide remain positive and ready to support all of our clients future planning. From business plans, to finance and general support – we can provide solutions so you can continue to grow.

Inflation rises to 40-year high…

“Inflation hit a 40-year high in May 2022, with consumer prices up 9.1% compared to a year before. One cause is the rapid increase in the cost of energy, with household bills rising sharply and petrol prices reaching record highs (to over 190p per litre on 27 June). The conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated pre-existing issues, driving global energy prices up.”

Daniel Harari 

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