Shopping Locally

What does shopping locally mean?

This month has been #IndependentRetailerMonth so we want to shine a light on all of the independent businesses who are working hard to provide their services in and around the local area.

There are so many benefits to the economy and environment when you choose to shop independently and locally.

Let’s start a thread of all our small, independent businesses in #Suffolk – pop a link to your website in the comments below!

What does shopping locally mean?

“Shopping locally means shopping at locally-owned, independent businesses. In other words, it means shopping at the small businesses in your area, either in-person or on the internet, instead of ordering from large corporations like Amazon. These small businesses make up the backbone of the UK economy, with over 95% of all businesses employing less than 9 people. “

Sophie Comninos

How can GGGlobal assist you ?

If you would like any guidence on how to move your business forward, GGGlobal has the necessary skillset to help you manage your business more efficiently and more profitably. if you would like some assistance, please dont hesitate to contact us.

From business planning to assisting with your organisations growth, we are happy to advise and help where we can. Get in touch to start your no-obligation consultation!

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