Simple effective ways to offset your Businesses Carbon Footprint

Read on to see some of the easy and effective ways you can help to offset your carbon footprint

But we are sure, especially over the last couple of years, there has been a point where your business has been toying with the idea of doing more to protect our environment and offsetting your carbon footprint.

We all heard the huge news about the mass grounding of flights during the peak of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, which saw CO2 emissions from aviation reduce by up 60%, which created a shockwave reaction for consumers, leaving businesses looking for new ways to do their part to support.

One of those businesses was big brewery brand Brewdog, who is now carbon-negative, removing twice as much carbon from the atmosphere than they emit each year. (A phenomenal achievement!)

Aside from being hugely beneficial for the environment, offsetting can provide advantages for your business – such as strengthening your brand or improving your triple bottom line. It’s also a lot easier and financially viable than you might think.

Read on to see some of the easy and effective ways you can help to offset your carbon footprint from an amazing business called FuelMate.

  • Switch to electric vehicles (Although this may be an investment, it can make a huge difference when your fleet of employees are travelling day-to-day)
  • Use a fuel card to help monitor how much fuel your vehicles are using and assess if the most efficient routes are being taken
  • Recycle! One of the most obvious ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint but one that is easily forgotten
  • Virtual meetings to save travelling in cars and planes
  • Car-sharing between employees if travelling is required
    Offering employees Cycle To Work schemes
  • Avoid single-use products like water bottles
  • Keep documents digital
  • Switch off and unplug
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances
  • Turn down the thermostat

Offsetting your Carbon Footprint completely is not a quick process, but if you are doing your bit to work towards this, we hope this blog helped to spark some inspiration to take action!

We’d love to hear the unique ways your business is being environmentally friendly currently! Head to our social channels to join the conversation.


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