Business Energy Reclaim

Empowering businesses to optimise their financial health through meticulous energy cost management

What Business Energy Reclaim?

GGGlobal Worldwide is excited to unveil our latest service offering, designed to empower businesses by enhancing their financial health through precise energy cost management. In light of a 2022 Ofgem report revealing that energy brokers and companies have often misrepresented their products by failing to disclose commission fees in contracts—a legal requirement—many businesses are now entitled to refunds for these mis-sold products. It's estimated that 90% of all businesses have engaged with an energy broker. Unlike others who may choose simpler paths, G&G has taken the more challenging yet rewarding approach of confronting energy companies directly. Through legal action facilitated by solicitors on a "no win no fee" basis, we aim to manage claims on your behalf, asking only for your cooperation in gathering relevant bills, emails, and contracts. Our service is not only about ensuring costs reflect actual energy usage but also about navigating the complexities of energy expenses to foster sustainable operational practices. By joining us, you're not just optimising your expenditures but also contributing towards a more sustainable business model.

How this can help SME businesses?

For SME businesses, effective management of operational costs is essential for profitability and sustainability. By engaging with GGGlobal Worldwide's new service, businesses stand to gain significantly. In the event of a successful claim, companies will be refunded the mis-sold energy costs. Although there is no upfront fee, the solicitors involved will retain up to 30% of the refund as compensation for their efforts to secure it. Beyond this, no additional charges will be incurred. The refunded capital then becomes available for the business to use as it sees fit—whether for improving cash flow, making savings, purchasing or replacing assets, or implementing greener policies. The flexibility in using these funds provides a substantial opportunity for businesses to enhance their operational and financial health.

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Cost Savings:

By identifying and rectifying overpayments or inaccuracies in energy bills, SMEs can recover funds that can be reallocated to other critical areas of the business. This direct financial recovery can improve cash flow and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Budget Accuracy:

With a more accurate understanding of energy costs, SMEs can plan their budgets more effectively. Knowing that their energy bills reflect actual usage allows for more precise financial forecasting and resource allocation.

Operational Efficiency:

The service helps SMEs streamline their energy consumption, promoting more efficient use of resources. This not only leads to cost savings but also supports SMEs in achieving their environmental goals by reducing unnecessary energy use.

Risk Management:

By ensuring that energy bills are accurate and reflective of actual consumption, SMEs mitigate the risk of unexpected financial liabilities related to utility overcharges. This protects against unforeseen impacts on their financial planning.

Time Savings:

Managing energy bills and disputing charges can be time-consuming. By outsourcing this task to GGGlobal Worldwide, SMEs can focus on their core business activities, leaving the complexities of energy bill analysis to the experts.

Expert Support:

SMEs gain access to GGGlobal Worldwide's expertise in the energy market, including insights into billing practices and tariff structures. This expert guidance can be invaluable for making informed decisions about energy contracts and usage.
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