Merchant Cash Advance

MCA is a short-term unsecured business funding product

What is a merchant Cash Advance?

PDQ cash advance is a short-term unsecured business funding product. Its name derives from a PDQ Card Payment Machine, this is where repayments for the PDQ cash advance are taken from at source. The repayments for the advance are charged at a percentage split. This is usually about 7% of each transaction goes towards repaying the unsecured cash advance. Some businesses, like the hospitality industry have the seasonal cash flow this funding product is a perfect fit. It is suitable for businesses which take a percentage of their sales via card terminals .

If your business takes card payments and needs an unsecured business funding, then a business cash advance may be the right solution. It works in a similar way to a business loan but with flexible, instead of fixed, monthly repayments.

The cash advance is normally paid back within a twelve to eighteen month period, but you may apply for a top up cash advance in month four.

PDQ Terminal Loan

To qualify for a PDQ Card Terminal Loan, you generally only need to have been trading for six months. Ideally, the business needs to take £5,000 or over in credit and debit card payments. If your business does not meet those criteria, don’t worry! We may still have funding options available to you.

With a PDQ Card Terminal Loan, the lender works with the card payment terminal provider, so they have an understanding of how much cash is being processed through your business. That means that, unlike other types of borrowing, there’s no need for credit checks.

Every terminal loan application is considered individually, and the amount charged depends on business performance. A company with a good performance history could negotiate a lower upfront fee. This is down to whether they pose a small credit risk to any merchant cash advance lender.

Repayments are automatic and calculated as a pre-agreed percentage of a company’s future credit card & debit card takings. You only have to pay back the cash advance and fee when the sales come in.

Cash Advances between £5,000.00 and £200,000 are generally available, and you could be approved within 48 hours. You keep all your non-card income, meaning you don’t have to make any payments on top of the agreed card payments.

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