Welcome to GGGlobals Internal VPN Services

Welcome to the VPN help Page

As a valued Member of the GGG Group, we provide valuable on the job training. In order to access this training you need to be online using our in-house VPN service.

This short guide will help you utilise this service and provide the support needed to get online.

Please contact us here if you would like to contact us for further information.

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Step One:

Please download the client software from the client download page:

Download the Windows installer.

Download the macOS Installer. [ From the App Store ]

If you are running a different OS pls, go directly to the Wireguard Install page and choose your OS.


Step Two:

Install the software on your computer

Step Three:

Apply for the config File

Each installation requires a Config file to get online with a VPN account, please fill in this short form to receive one.

Config File Application Form

Please fill in this short form to recieve your config file.
VPN Application
Please Note
This has to be manually Generated and may take a little time. You will receive the config file in your email service, and you cannot proceed without it.

Step Four:

Once you have received the file, please Install it in the wireguard application.

Step Five:

Check your IP Address, you can do this at a site like:



Each time you need to access the VPN service, you need to open the Wireguard App and activate the service. Your IP will be automatically changed and you will have access to the services you need.

You do not need to install this application every time, you need to use the service. You only need to click on the Activate button .